Lesley Snider

LesleyMy personal mission statement is to journey with others towards wholeness, but jumping on board with BridgeTown did not come easily to me. I was often appalled by the circumstances those we were serving were enduring. I didn’t think there was any way to really make a difference, and I often felt overwhelmed by the thought of loving everyone because they matter.

How could I do that in an authentic way? But, I felt determined to learn how to love all people. I was transformed even in my efforts to love others! Since my decision to simply love those placed in my path, I have not looked back.

Currently, I serve as the Program Coordinator for  Because People Matter. As I have seen my involvement in BPM become shaped and developed over the years, it is evident to me that the value that resonates most with me is the Relational Approach. If I can not forge authentic relationships, I will not be fulfilled in any of my roles. I love that even though my strengths are being utilized in Administration, I get to love people where they are, and build friendships that challenge and transform my own life.

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