Marshall Snider

MarshallOver a decade ago our family moved up to the Portland area to begin a journey that would take us really to the end of ourselves. We never imagined we would be doing what we are doing today at BridgeTown Inc.

It has been a continued joyful adventure as we have watched this organization grow and impact thousands of lives.

My role as the Executive Director is such an extension of my personal mission which is to “Encourage, equip and inspire people and organizations to greatness.” This is what I get to do everyday. I have the pleasure to be the lead our team, encouraging us all to stay close to the vision of BridgeTown Inc, which is to “Love People Because People Matter”. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

I have worked in the non profit sector for over two decades and have been married to the lovely Lesley for 20 years. We are raising two young men Samuel and Noah, who we fully anticipate, will be world changers.

My favorite value has to be “Adventure and Creativity”. I believe we are all creative and that just being human puts us on the crazy adventure we call life. Creativity is a must to live an amazing adventure-filled life. I love to see groups and individuals come into BridgeTown and watch their perspective change, to see them do something they never thought they would do.

It is really an amazing process to watch and to be a part of. It never gets old and really drives us at BridgeTown as we continue to ask the question, “How can we continue to love people because people matter.”

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