Summer Internships

20131025-173739.jpgBridgeTown Inc. Urban Internship Mission Statement: “Loving People Because People Matter”

BridgeTown Inc’s primary objective is to: Create relational environments that provide relief, mobilization and transformation. It is within these guiding objectives that each intern will be serving, working and learning.

Vision Statement of BTUI: To create a dynamic environment for young leaders to discover, develop, and deploy life, leadership and management skills in an urban context.

Program Description: BTUI is a urban learning environment located in Portland, Oregon. Interns are exposed to differen platforms that focus on various people groups in an urban context. At BridgeTown, these contexts are:

1.  Relief: The removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful, or distressing.

  • Night Strike – A weekly relational relief environment focusing on the marginal people of the downtown area.

    Foot washing at Night Strike

    Foot washing at Night Strike

  • BTown Kids – A weekly relational relief environment throughout the Portland metro area focusing on urban children and their families.

2.Mobilization: To make ready and deploy into action.

  • Transformation Trips – Interactive urban learning environments where teams of people come to learn what it means to be a missional thinking servant.

3.  Transformation: A change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

  • Beyond the Bridge – Designed to develop and sustain intentional relationships which create movement towards restoration and sustainable living.
  • Transformation Trips 2.0 – Providing sustainable teaching that empowers people to seek out peace and prosperity in their city.
  • Lift One – Partnering with and empowering urban families in everyday living.


    Hanging out at BTown Kids

BridgeTown Inc Urban Internship Elements:

Life – Each intern will have the opportunity to develop powerful life skills which will help them in both their professional and life development. This is done through the following:

  • Life Mission Development – Life Mission is all about the intern’s personal mission – it is the “why” of their life. While in the BTUI each intern will begin the discovery of their mission, and this will help them as they continue on their journey to discover what it is they are fashioned for, and give them clearer focus.
  • Core Values Development – Core Values is all about the internal values that all human beings possess. These values are what make us up on the inside. By discovering these, individuals are more effective in the many different roles they play in life and in the work place.
  • Motivational Development – Through a very detailed assessment, interns are shown what and how they are best motivated. Each intern is given the opportunity to discover their unique design and learn how to focus it in given areas of life, both professionally and in everyday living.

Leadership – Each Intern is given the opportunity to grow in their individual leadership ability. These opportunities will show them their capabilities as they are given an area of BridgeTown to lead. This is done by:

  • Legacy Project – At the beginning of each internship, legacy projects are assigned. These projects are next-level visions of the leadership team at BridgeTown Inc, and will remain in place after an internship ends. It is the opportunity for an intern to leave a long lasting piece of themselves in Portland. It is the intern’s responsibility to complete the project while in their internship with BTown.
  • Team Leadership – Interns will help lead our Transformation Trips, and will lead, teach, guide and speak to groups of people throughout the summer. The potential influence on the lives of others is immeasurable in this environment. Interns will play vital roles in shaping the hearts of Transformation Trip participants.

Management – Interns are involved in many areas of management. They will be assisting the leaders of BridgeTown Inc. in the overall vision and strategic plan. Every day will be filled with many opportunities to strengthen management skills while at BridgeTown Inc. This will be accomplished in:

  •  Specific Environments – Interns will be assisting BTown Inc. leaders in the accomplishment of the environment objectives.
  •  Every day tasks – Participants are a part of the every day of BridgeTown Inc., and each day has its own set of tasks. Interns are a part of the work day at BridgeTown.

BridgeTown Urban Internship’s passion is to encourage, equip and inspire each intern to the greatness within themselves. Developing and deploying leaders into their world, to make a difference, is core to our organization.

A prior intern leading a Transformation Trip

A prior intern leading a Transformation Trip

2013 Summer Interns







Some common questions:

What days of the week am I required to be available?

Generally speaking interns will be required to be available Tuesday – Saturdays. Sundays and Monday’s are typically days off.

Is this a paid internship?

No it is not. Interns are encouraged to raise support for their summer with us, and donations can be processed as tax free donations.

Do I have to find my own housing?

Yes, you should be prepared to find you own housing, however, we will do our best to assist you in this.

Can I work while in the internship?

You are not prohibited from working another job while doing an internship here. However, it is important for you to know we ask you to work around the BTown Inc. schedule, not the other way around. We recommend seeing if you can work Saturday nights, Sundays and Mondays.

Can this internship count for college credit?

We have seen this count for colleges. You would have to check with your university about this. We can help you with any information you might need on this.

When does the internship start and end?

Although we can be flexible with start and end times to accommodate college schedules, we prefer to have everyone present the first week of June through the end of August, if possible. Since schedules vary, we ask you to communicate with us regarding individual commitments.

Can I take time off while in the internship?

Of course! All we ask is that you submit your summer schedule to us up front so we can plan accordingly. If calendar items come up once the internship has started, we ask for at least 3 weeks notice for time off.

What kind of person makes the best intern at BridgeTown Inc.?
It is important that you know that we are a people organization and with this, an intern may be working with a group of white suburban youth on a Transformation Trip one day, and then move to working with an inner city family in an apartment complex the next. You will be expected to interact with people of all types, creeds, colors and ages, so if you are not a people person, then this internship is not for you.

Does the internship have any requirements?

Yes, not too many, but there are some. Here they are:

  1. Timeliness. Be on time to everything. People and your team are counting on you.
  2. You must finish your legacy project before leaving your time with us at BTown Inc. (We cover this in your first couple of days at BTown Inc.)
  3. Communicate.  You will be pressed and challenged, but we are here to see that you grow. The more you communicate, the smoother your experience will be and the more satisfied you will be.
  4. You must agree to the core values and mission statement of BridgeTown.

Core Values- How do we conduct ourselves as we carry out our mission?

  • Relational Approach: We believe the most influential, impactful and lasting way to love others is simply to live and experience life with the people around us. We move to be fully submerged and involved in the culture of the community we serve, while building raw and intentional relationships with the people we meet.
  • People: We believe that all people should feel known, that they matter, and that they are loved. We seek to influence others to live from these truths and to do good works, so that together we may be an inspiration to our city, state, nation and world.
  • Dialogue: Dialogue is the attitude in which we communicate with others. Our communication is a dynamic and open-minded dialogue. A dialogue that is honest, truthful and respectful; never degrading, judgmental or condemning.
  • Generosity: We seek to live generously. To give of our time, treasure and talent in such a way that our service and action is a means through which Love is revealed.
  • Adventure: We see life as an adventure, marked with creativity. We continue to seek new ideas and possibilities for ways to love people, to help them understand they are known, and that they matter.
  • Learning: We desire to see people grow both personally and professionally. It is important to always challenge oneself, and not feel stuck where growth or learning do not exist. We believe that each person must challenge his or herself in order to unlock the potential that lies in each of us.
  • Proactive: Because we value all people, we move to be intentional in our actions. By putting aside assumptions that “someone else will do it,” we understand we serve each other as we move towards the fulfillment of our mission.

To Apply: 

Follow this link, and fill out the application. After we review your application, we will notify you for a followup interview.

Join us this summer, to Love People Because People Matter!